Durable Films and Synthetic Paper Labels

When a paper label just won’t do the job. Label House has a range of Thermal Transfer Synthetic papers that allow for good strength and durability as well as moisture and chemical resistance. And when you need even a higher degree of durability Label House’s Thermal Transfer Matte Film is an excellent substitute for vinyl labels with good UV resistance and permanent acrylic adhesive.

  • Matte white, high opacity polypropylene film which features good strength and durability as well as good moisture and chemical resistance
  • Suitable for applications which require more strength than paper but does not need extreme durability

Thermal Transfer Matte Film

  • Biaxially oriented, white polypropylene thermal transfer label stock
  • Recommended for applications requiring a higher degree of durability
  • Permanent acrylic adhesive
  • Good UV resistance
  • Excellent substitute for vinyl labels
  • Minimum Application temperature: 25°F
  • Service temperature: -75°F to 200°F