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inc.jet .CORE

.CORE is the essence of what makes inc.jet’s industrial printing solutions so successful—rugged mounting equipment, a wide variety of inks (bulk or cartridge based), proven control hardware and software and the finest print heads in the industry, all provided in a commercial off-the-shelf system.

  • Proven HP and inc.jet Technology
  • Fully networkable
  • 1” or 2” print options
  • Affordable Case Coding option
  • Industrial design, built for the toughest environments


IPS.core is a complete 2” print unit capable of printing barcodes, text and more, on one side of a carton. Add an Auxiliary print head, controlled by the Main unit, and it can print on two sides simultaneously.

Management, loading and monitoring of jobs are controlled with ease by the Main unit from the built in touch sensitive screen. Thousands of job templates can be stored and retrieved within IPS.core. Job templates are quickly designed with the aid of IPS Producer. Operating on any computer running Windows, IPS Producer permits the creation of print templates that can be exported into the User Interface via a USB thumb drive. Both Static and Dynamic data are readily integrated into template creation.


  • 600 dpi max resolution
  • 250 fpm max speed
  • User configurable print density
  • Horizontal print direction
  • 0.5” minimum print height from conveyor puddles of black ink surrounding your print areas, and no real skills involved in upkeep. Every time you change an ink cartridge – and that only takes seconds – you get a new print head. Servicing couldn’t be simpler.