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FoxJet SoloSeries

The SoloSeries thermal inkjet printers is a robust industrial inkjet printer technology made for the industrial marketplace featuring HP technology. The product line features up to 10 lines of alphanumerics as well as logos and 1D and 2D barcodes. The enclosed printhead design of the SoloSeries printers makes them truly industrial.


  • Control up to 16 SoloSeries 45 printheads across two daisy chains
  • Lightweight yet rugged plastic housing
  • 7" high resolution touch screen display with on-screen keyboard
  • Unicode language capability
  • Integrated mount on back allows for handheld to be hung on existing bracketry
  • Dual RS-232 interface ports
  • Single USB for quick message and logo transfer
  • Ethernet port for remote interfacing options


  • Up to 10 vertical lines of print – ½” printhead and 1” printhead
  • Font heights include 1", 3/4", 1/2", 1/4" and 1/10" dependent on head size
  • Prints logos and barcodes including various 1D types and the 2D data matrix code
  • Fully featured software including built-in autocodes, such as date, time, count and expiration
  • Compact, rugged enclosure with hinged cover to protect pen and allow for easy replacement
  • Serial port at printhead for flexibility
  • Purge button for easy cleaning of cartridge
  • In/Out port for daisy chaining up to four thermal cartridges
  • Ink level detection which ensures optimum print quality – exclusive to FoxJet branded ink cartridges. Use of another brand of ink cartridge will result in system error.