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Marsh Patrion Plus

The Marsh PatrionPlus large character printing system is now more versatile, more functional and more adaptable than ever to meet your expanding needs. The advanced printer technology in this system has unique printhead flexibility that allows you to meet numerous production line applications with the versatility to print dot matrix or fully formed, high-resolution characters from one truly reliable system.

The Most Flexible Controller Available

The Marsh PatrionPlus system is easy to install and even easier to operate. A typewriter-style keyboard and pop-up menus make it easy to learn, easy to operate and easy to program. What’s more, this single controller operates both HR Series and Valve Jet printheads. The large, ergonomically-correct keyboard is simple to use and a large, easy-to-read LCD display reduces the chance of error.

Selectable Languages

Reduce training time and improve operator efficiencies with built-in selectable languages. The Unicorn system is programmable in one of 13 different languages, allowing you the flexibility you need in today’s fast paced, ever-changing environment.

Incredibly Easy to Use and Maintain

Easy to use icon keys allow you to adjust and edit product codes with a few simple keystrokes. Customize time and date codes, expiration dates, rollover hour and more. Menu driven programs include electronically accurate automatic date change, clock functions and consecutive counts.

Economical From Start to Finish

Compared to your current coding methods, the Unicorn system provides an all-in-one, low cost solution through its high ink mileage and low maintenance requirements. The Unicorn system’s original hard-working design has provided high performance, outstanding reliability and unsurpassed performance.

HR Series – High Resolution

This reliable, Videojet engineered advancement offers up to 2 inches (50 mm) print height for high resolution characters. The heart of the HR printhead is the piezo print engine that delivers 150 vertical DPI fully formed characters and enhanced legibility.

  • Print large, sharp text and serialized numbers, logos and bar codes
  • Compact size of HR printhead fits more production lines and allows for more applications
  • Quick, clear printing up to 200 feet/min. (61 mpm) and a 1/4” (7 mm) throw distance
  • Low maintenance from no moving parts

Valve Jet – Dot MatrixFlexibility

Optimize the most basic printing needs with this reliable large character, dot matrix printhead. It is versatile, too, with 7-dot and 16-dot versions.

  • Multiple fonts for flexibility, with upper/lower case for better legibility
  • Easy to install and adjust with a simple tube-and handle assembly
  • Fast, efficient printing at up to 200 feet/min. (61 mpm)