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FoxJet ProSeries

The ProSeries high resolution industrial inkjet printers from FoxJet are built for reliability and offer various printing capabilities including up to 4 inch print area of text, graphics and barcodes. And three print head controller options allow for flexible user interface and integration.


  • Windows Embedded Standard 7 operating system
  • Control up to 4 printheads on 2 production lines
  • Rugged Stainless Steel case with interior cable connections
  • Fast production changeover
  • Premium Boxwriter ELITE “WYSIWYG” editor software


  • Available in 2” and 4” Print Height
  • Prints barcodes, logos, graphics and text
  • Works with all Marksman controllers
  • Stainless steel ink path
  • Automatic priming system
  • Dual ink feed for faster, smoother printing
  • Industrial-grade construction
  • Serviceable for maximum printhead life