• An Important Message from Label House
    Effective July 1, 2018, Label House will be merged into our affiliated company, Hitachi Industrial Equipment Marking Solutions Inc. (HIMS). The merger will allow us to continue our long-term growth strategy and provide continued service and support to you, our most valued customer. The Label House staff will become employees of HIMS and will continue to work with you and support your business as before the merger. Our current line of marking, coding and labeling products will remain the same, and likely expand with some strategic additions. During this period of transition, please contact our Irvine Office at 949-470-9900 or orders.irvine@hitachi-ims.com for product, pricing, and order information. We invite you to visit our new website at www.hitachi-ims.com.
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Hitachi Small Character Inkjet Printers, Inks, and More

Continuous inkjet printers from Hitachi offer a proven reliability that features a simplified, intuitive user interface and circulation system that consumes up to 50% less in inks and fluids which keep your production costs in line. Hitachi’s newest, UX Series of printers, feature up to 6-Lines of printing on both porous and non-porous packaging materials. The UX Series builds upon an impressive 35 year history of continuous ink jet printer manufacturing, resulting in hundreds of thousands of printer installations - offering unmatched reliability, ease of use and efficiency.

  • A standard 6 line printing option
  • 80,000 hours of meantime between failure
  • Temperature regulated motor speed control
  • Innovative ink return system
  • Automatic print head cleaning
  • “One Button” startup for the next production run
  • Visual feedback to an operator for ink and makeup levels
  • Simple fluid management

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