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Hitachi Small Character Inkjet Printers, Inks, and More

Continuous inkjet printers from Hitachi offer a proven reliability that features a simplified, intuitive user interface and circulation system that consumes up to 50% less in inks and fluids which keep your production costs in line. Hitachi’s newest, UX Series of printers, feature up to 6-Lines of printing on both porous and non-porous packaging materials. The UX Series builds upon an impressive 35 year history of continuous ink jet printer manufacturing, resulting in hundreds of thousands of printer installations - offering unmatched reliability, ease of use and efficiency.

  • A standard 6 line printing option
  • 80,000 hours of meantime between failure
  • Temperature regulated motor speed control
  • Innovative ink return system
  • Automatic print head cleaning
  • “One Button” startup for the next production run
  • Visual feedback to an operator for ink and makeup levels
  • Simple fluid management
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